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Meet the world’s first diesel-powered compact hydraulic power unit – flexible for truck mount or standalone. Weighing in at a mere 164 lbs, the Vortex is easy to install and transfer.

Replacing the traditional PTO, the Vortex will reduce chassis wear and run time. Significantly decreased fuel usage makes for the most environmentally friendly option on the market and guarantees to save you money.

Tier 4 certified and Kubota powered, our ingenious unit is suitable for any chassis to satisfy all of your hydraulic requirements.

Airworks Compressors Corp is your environmental advantage.



Standard Unit: 18″/46cm (w) x 26″/66cm (l) x 23″/58cm (h)


Standard Unit: From 164 lbs/75 kg


Engine size varies with applications requirements – 14 to 50 hp Direct mount hydraulic pump
Isolated frame
Powder coated aluminum body/steel frame

Spec Sheets: Coming Soon
Vortex | Metric Spec Sheet | Imperial Spec Sheet
ALL | Metric Spec Sheet | Imperial Spec Sheet
Safety Features

High temperature engine and compressor shutdown
Low pressure engine oil shutdown
Positive air shutoff (optional)
Warning decals
Removable key
Easy access doors


Standard Features

Zero Emissions
Safety Shutdown Protection
Aluminum Enclosure
Powder Coated Finish
Wired Remote Controls
Hour Meter
Oil Containment System
Easy Installation
Hydraulic Power Anywhere
Plug & Play Installation
Military Spec Robotics Battery Pack


Optional Features

Use with Twister E60 Air Compressor
Arctic Package
Hydraulic Temperature Shutdown
High Pressure Shutdown
Skid Mount
Solar Charging
Extended Run Battery Packs

Trailer Blower Applications
Hydraulic Tool Power Pack
Fire Rescue
Picker/Bucket Trucks
Custom Design
Military Applications
Remote Locations
Field Recovery
Enclosed Space Use

Living green is about choices. Choose to keep our environment green – and put more green in your pocket – by using a VORTEX HYPER PAK by ACME; our mobile, diesel powered compact hydraulic power unit.


Decreased Fuel Consumption = Decreased Carbon Emissions

Numbers based on ACME’s 14 HP, 2 cylinder Kubota engine model. Numbers may change as HP increases.


Average Truck

Fuel Consumption
8.0L/hr or 2.11 gal/hr

CO2 emissions based on 1248 hrs/yr
58.7 tons

Vortex Hyper Pak

Fuel Consumption
1.6 L/hr or 0.42 gal/hr

CO2 emissions based on 1248 hrs/yr
11.7 tons


Carbon Reduction

Carbon Emissions are reduced by 47 tons/year