Twister-lg-01Gas, E85, Propane, CNG Rotary Screw Air Compressor



The latest advancement in the acclaimed Twister series not only offers ease of operation, but also a significant way to lessen your carbon imprint – meaning reduced emissions and substantial fuel costs for you.

Our Twister Hybrid four fuel compressor unit (CNG/propane and/or gasoline/E85) is available with up to 100 CFM of air power, with the flexibility of a dual fuel source at the easy flip of a switch. Your fuel will not spoil, and cleaner burning fuel ensures a longer engine life.

As an added bonus, increasing your use of CNG and propane means you’re helping to reduce North America’s dependence on foreign petroleum sources. And more than anything, expect all of the proven reliability and distinctive options of our Twister series in the new Hybrid Fuel System. Airworks Compressors Corp is your environmental advantage.

Patent # 2,646,999


Standard Unit: 23.5″/60cm (w) x 53.25″/135cm (l) x 31.25″/79cm (h)


Standard Unit: 585 lbs/265 kg


Air Output
Up to 100 cfm and up to 185 psi


One of a kind Truck mounted Air Compressor
Cleaner burning fuel extends engine life
Suitable for any Chassis, reduced Chassis run time
Decreased fuel usage
Kubota engine
Encapsulated rotary screw air compressor
Direct coupled engine/compressor (no belt drive)
Isolated frame
Powder coated aluminum body/steel frame
Spec Sheets
T100 Hybrid | Metric Spec Sheet | Imperial Spec Sheet
ALL | Metric Spec Sheet | Imperial Spec Sheet

Safety Features
High temperature engine and compressor shutdown
Low pressure engine oil shutdown
Positive air shutoff (optional)
Warning decals
Removable key
Easy access doors
Not only are there environmental and financial benefits of using Propane or CNG powered equipment, but also helpful safety features as well. In the event of an accident, CNG and Propane dissipated into the atmosphere, unlike gasoline or diesel fuel that pools on the ground, creating a fire hazard.
Additionally, natural gas and propane are neither toxic nor corrosive, and will not contaminate ground water. Tanks on propane or CNG powered vehicles are 20 times more puncture resistant than a typical gasoline or diesel tank.
Standard Features
Tier 4 compliant
Safety shutdown protection
Continuous duty
Integral oil cooler
Wired remote controls
Hour meter
Electric fuel pump
Powder coated finish
2 year warranty
Easy installation
Optional Features
Direct mount hydraulic pump output
Generator 4 – 6 Kw
Auto start/stop
Cold weather auto start
Pressure gauges
External mount radiator
12/24 volt d.c. booster pak
Positive air shutoff
Arctic package
Radio remote start
Fuel tank/battery attached
Helicopter lift points

Air up to 100 CFM
Service Trucks
Compressor stations
Drilling and service rigs
Mining and logging
Lube units
Stationary units
Rescue applications/compressed air foam systems
Remote location air lift skid

The price of petroleum based fuel options remains elevated and volatile. The long term outlook is that prices will continue to rise. Prices of propane and CNG are consistently lower than those of gasoline or diesel fuel.
Exhaust emissions from CNG or Propane powered equipment are much lower than those from gasoline or diesel powered equipment. Typically, dedicated, natural gas powered equipment can reduce exhaust emissions of carbon monoxide by 70%, non-methane organic gas by 87%, nitrogen oxides by 87%, and carbon dioxide by almost 30% below those of gasoline equipment. Per unit of energy, natural gas contains less carbon than any other fossil fuel, thus producing lower carbon dioxide emissions, resulting in a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions compared to other fuels. The California Air resources Board’s extensive studies conclude that burning Propane or CNG produced approximately 30% less CO2.
Decreased Fuel Consumption = Decreased Carbon Emissions
Average Truck
Fuel Consumption
8.0 L/hr or 2.11 gal/hr
CO2 emissions based on 1248 hrs/yr
58.7 tons Twister Hybrid
Fuel Consumption
4.5 L/hr or 1.19 gal/hr
CO2 emissions based on 1248 hrs/yr
33.1 tons

Carbon Reduction
Carbon Emissions are reduced by 25.6 tons/year

Lease from $452.00 / month