Diesel Rotary Screw Air Compressors


From auto starts to generators to a range of alternator upgrades, the combinations of options available for our product series are almost endless.

Find the optional equipment that works best for you right here, or simply give us a call. We can help you determine the most cost effective and efficient fit for your every day operations.

Hydraulic Pump Output

Direct drive hydraulic pump suplies hydraulic power for pickers, bucket lifts, hydraulic tools, etc.


Diablo Option

Remote radiator reduces compressor housing size and allows for more mounting options.



a) T40/T60: 6 Kw
b) T100 – T235: 4 – 6 Kw, 120/240V

Lightning Booster Pak

12/24 volt D.C. 1200/800 amp booster/alternator package for boost starting equipment.


Auto Start/Stop

Pressure and temperature activation

Radio Remote Control

Allows starting, stopping, and idle control from up to 200 foot range.

Arctic Package

Allows cooling system of unit to tie into chassis, warming unit on the way to job site. Keeps cab/chassis warm while us it is working with vehicle shut off.

Summer Package

Air conditioning package keeps the cab cool with vehicle shut off.

Alternator Upgrade

Up to 200 amp alternator upgrade allows operation of inverters, lights, etc.
40 amp alternator is standard.

Stand Alone Packaging

Units can be skid mounted and left on site or moved from truck to truck. Package includes battery, fuel tank and fork lift skid.

Helicopter Lift Attachment

Includes fuel tank, dual lift points, and battery.

Up to 250 amp high frequency welder


PASO Positive Air Shut Off


OSHA Valve


Custom packaging

Available upon request.