Disruptive Technology That Prevents Disruption

Natural Gas producers have an annual half a billion dollar problem. Studies done for winter 2013/14 show producers in the USA alone lost over a half billion dollars in revenue due to frozen production wells. Airworks Compressors Corp has developed a patent pending off grid instrumentation air package requiring no outside power source. During the production of natural gas, wells in remote locations off of the power grid also known as Unconventional Wells, traditionally use what is commonly referred to as “Field gas” to operate instrumentation, valves and glycol pumps. Field gas contains water and when temperatures reach freezing, valves and instrumentation freeze rendering the glycol pump useless and causing the well to shut down. The natural phenomenon of freezing is a common occurrence in the operation of natural gas pipeline system and is a serious problem starting at the production well head and may cause instrumentation errors and interruption of gas production. The Airworks Patent Pending Twister E60 Air Skid is used at Unconventional Well sites. It alleviates the requirement of using wet field gas for instrumentation, valve and glycol pump operation. The unit is solar, wind or single phase AC (1 PH AC) powered. The E60 Air Skid will prevent freeze up causing disruption of natural gas production. The use of the Twister E60 Air Skid also negates the requirement to flare natural gas that has been used in the operation of instrumentation, valves and glycol pumps and cannot be returned back into the pipeline. The interruption of natural gas production and concurrent failure to supply natural gas during times of peak demand (winter) places strain on strategic reserves. Consistent and continuous pipeline gas operations are key and critical factors in today’s natural gas pipeline industry. Avoidance of freezing problems is a good investment and adds to the profitability of your company. The relative small cost of prevention will produce large dividends from a successful and uninterrupted natural gas supply. Increased dividends and environmental advantages will also be realized from increased yield; selling all natural gas produced and decreasing emissions. The E60 package is also useful in areas subject to power outages as it can run on its integral battery pack until the line power can be restored reducing risk of supply interruption.

Twister E60 Launch – March 31, 2014

Airworks Compressors Corp  has moved into production the latest in a long line of innovative cutting edge products; the world’s only D.C. electric rotary screw air compressor.  Utilizing the latest in battery and electric vehicle technology, the Patent Pending Twister E60 is suitable for any mobile or stationary compressed air need.

This very specialized air compressor offers an air flow of up to 60 cfm with zero emissions and near silent operation (64dB).   This unit will offer an excellent alternative to mobile or truck mount air compressors currently being utilized in the market today.  It will eliminate the need for costly or inefficient under hood and PTO powered air compressors.  It will eliminate the need for service vehicles to idle continuously while at a job site.  Its compact size and light weight means more room for tools.   Its operators will be able to move it from truck to truck with ease.  Compact welders and boosting systems are only a small part of the ancillary equipment that is available to work with the Twister E60.  This is truly the latest and greatest air compressor offering in the industrial world!

Airworks also offers the lightest, smallest air compressor systems, components and ancillary equipment available in the world with a present product offering that ranges from 40 to 235 cfm, with optional 240 amp welder and generator packages (from 4 to 6 kw).

Airworks Helps in Haiti Relief

As the people of Haiti continue in the search for their missing loved ones in the aftermath of the huge earthquake that devastated their island home several weeksmedia ago, their efforts and the efforts of volunteers from countries around the globe are hampered by the lack of equipment available.

Darryl Weflen, owner of Airworks Compressors Corp, a small air compressor manufacturer in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada was acutely aware of the shortage of material and equipment. He resolved to do what Albertans do best, help! His company donated a Twister T185 to theUnited Nations Haiti relief effort. The Twister T185 is a compact portable air compressor capable of operating three jack hammers at a time to help recover lost loved ones. Employees donated their time to help with shipping costs. This is a very special air compressor as its unique small size allows it to be mounted on the back of a truck and to be operated in confined spaces and remote areas.

The generosity of Weflen and the employees of Airworks Compressors Corp is overwhelming and will make the rescue efforts in Haiti that much less painful for all involved.