fusionAuxiliary Power Unit



The Fusion is Airwork’s break through auxiliary power unit – all the extra power you need to keep you and your vehicle comfortable at any temperature without excess engine idling.

Our Fusion combines a reliable, fuel efficient, Tier 4, diesel engine with our proven brush-less generator technology.

The Fusion provides unlimited cabin warming and cooling times at any ambient temperatures, eliminates cold starts and engine idling, uses the same fuel source as your vehicle at only 0.264 gallons/hr, and provides a constant charge for your vehicle’s battery so you can use extra power for when you need it most.

With a life expectancy of over 20,000 hours and a 40 amp 12 Volt charging system the Fusion provides comfortable living and working quarters for long haul trips.


Standard Unit: 26″/66cm (w) x 26″/66cm (l) x 18″/46cm (h)



Standard Unit: 174 lbs/79 kg



Tier 4 certified
Kubota 2 Cylinder Diesel Engine
Electrical Output: 4 Kw/120 Volt
Air Conditioning: Optional 30,000 Btu/hr
Heater Output: 24,000 Btu/hr
Warranty: 2 years
Powder coated aluminum body/steel frame

Safety Features

Positive air shutoff (optional)
Low pressure engine oil shutdown
Warning decals
Easy access doors
Increased temperature engine shutdown


Standard Features

Tier 4 compliant
Safety shutdown protection
Multi positional exhaust
Powder coated aluminum body with steel frame
2 year warranty
Easy installation


Optional Features

30,000 Btu available for Air Conditioning

The Fusion is similar to a typical APU for a commercial truck because it utilizes a small diesel enging with its own cooling system, heating system, and generator system with an optional air conditioning compressor, housed in an enclosure and mounted to one of the frame rails of the truck.

The Fusion integrates the auxiliary cooling, heating, and electrical componenets throughout the chassis of the truck.

The The APU engine is a fraction of the main engine’s displacement and uses only a fraction of the fuel. The Fusion’s fuel consumption is 0.264 gallons per hour. The 4Kw generator also powers the main engine’s block and fuel system heaters, so the main engine can be started easily.

The Fusion is designed to provide climate control and electrical power for the truck’s sleeper cab and engine block heater during the downtime on the road.

The system is “vehicle based”, performing the same in any Class 8, heavy duty, long haul tractor. There are no significant differences noted in function or effectiveness, based on size of the sleeper or the cab, height of the roof, presence of bunk curtains, insulated curtains, windows or any other differences.

There are 24,000 BTU delivered for heating. Additional electricity available to supply other basic accessory hotel loads such as a mini-refrigerator, television, microwave, computer, electric heater, cooling fan and/or flood lights.

There is plenty of wattage left for either a portable air conditioning unti or an oil pan heater, if required. Duration of availability (duty cycle) is unlimited.

Living green is about choices. Choose to keep our environment green – and put more green in your pocket – by using a FUSION by ACME; our auxiliary power unit.


Decreased Fuel Consumption = Decreased Carbon Emissions

Average Highway Tractor

Fuel Consumption
13.64 L/hr or 3 gal/hr

CO2 emmissions based on 1248 hrs/yr
83.5 tons


Fuel Consumption
1.2 L/hr or 0.26 gal/hr

CO2 emmissions based on 1248 hrs/yr
7.2 tons


Carbon Reduction

Carbon Emissions are reduced by 76.3 tons/year