An Innovative “No Cost” Solution To Help The Beleaguered Gas Industry Meet New Regulations

Airworks Compressors is offering an innovative solution to gas producers that are struggling to remain afloat amidst record low gas prices along with environmental policies being put into place that will be almost impossible to implement without expensive changes in current production equipment.  In a good year, this would not be an issue, but with the current black cloud of impending doom that gas production companies are facing financially due to world gas prices and environmentally due to proposed emission standards, it is impossible as cash reserves are quickly dwindling for most companies.

New bills are being introduced at congressional level that will establish new standards to reduce the waste of natural gas required during venting, flaring or industrial use.  The bills are also introducing a requirement for royalties to be paid on all gas removed from the earth including this “wasted” gas, that is currently non-metered. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is actively working on new rulings that will reduce venting and flaring of methane and VOCs as well, which has been proven to be a large factor in global warming and health concerns (currently being experienced in the Unita Basin in North East Utah).  Currently permits are issued without the requirement for royalties to be paid on wasted gas – this is changing in the very near future. Along with this, tough measures are being implemented that could ban flaring on new wells and require reductions in the amount of gas being flared. Gas capture plans will be required if venting and emission standards for key equipment and operating procedures will have to be in place within two years of a bill’s passage.

Airworks Compressors Corp currently has multiple instrumentation air skids (Aurora Eco-System) on site in the USA (Wyoming) and Canada (Alberta) running 20-28 natural gas wells each using compressed air to operate instrumentation, diaphragm pumps and plunger lifts versus natural gas which then must be flared or vented as there is not enough pressure to reintroduce it back into the pipeline.  Initial findings are proving that BLM estimates of vented and flared gas are very low for these operations.  Using compressed air instead of natural gas in these operations also limits the need for costly LDAR programs that indicate gas leaks (very common in natural gas production) while allowing existing equipment to remain in place. Compressed air leaks are not problematic and do not require leak detection.  It must be noted as well that this is also the perfect product for off grid well sites as it can be solar or wind powered, thus requiring no interface with power utilities. The natural gas producers currently using this technology are impressed with the results – increased gas production as none is wasted and zero down time due to freezing issues.  The bottom line is that natural gas stays in the pipeline and in today’s market, every cubic foot of gas that is able to be sold counts!

Airworks Compressors Corp has an innovative solution to get this technology into the market place. Knowing that it reduces gas waste and emissions and believing so strongly that this is the solution that will enable gas producers to meet new emission standards and to sell every cubic foot of gas produced, Airworks is prepared to work with gas producers to get this technology implemented, at no capital expense for the producer.  How? Airworks Compressors Corp will install and maintain the Aurora Eco-System at no charge, in return for a percentage of savings created by the previously wasted gas used in these operations.

Perhaps Darryl Weflen, President of Airworks Compressors Corp, says it the best “Innovation brought us to develop this product and it will take innovative solutions for companies to get through these times”.

Airworks Apologizes

Airworks Compressors Corp would like to apologize for the record cold spells this winter. Climate Scientists have traced the source of the recent record low temperatures across North America to Edmonton Canada and the home of Airworks Compressors Corp. An Airworks spokesperson, identified as the Compressor Professor stated that due to Airworks’ latest innovative product offering, the Twister E60, there has been a noticeable shift in the industrial world’s carbon footprint, lowering it substantially and causing a downward trend in global warming. The Compressor Professor claims that unpredictable weather phenomena and climatic inconsistency will be a part of the foreseeable future as long as Airworks Compressors Corp continues to manipulate Global Warming in this manner. The Compressor Professor added “Don’t be alarmed that we are entering a monolithic cold period because as productivity increases with the Twister E60, a warming trend is predicted to occur over the next several months.” The Twister E60 is the world’s only D.C. electric rotary screw air compressor. Utilizing the latest in battery and electric vehicle technology, the Patent Pending Twister E60 is suitable for any mobile or stationary compressed air need. This very specialized air compressor offers an air flow of up to 60 cfm with zero emissions and near silent (64dB) operation. This unit offers an excellent alternative to mobile or truck mount air compressors currently being utilized. It eliminates the need for costly or inefficient under hood and PTO powered air compressors. It will eliminate the need for service vehicles to idle continuously while at a job site. It compact size and light weight means more room for tools. Its operators are able to move this unit from truck to truck with ease. Compact welders and boosting systems are only a small part of the ancillary equipment that is available to work with the Twister E60. This is truly the latest and greatest air compressor offering in the industrial world!

Racing Ahead Of The Competition


Airworks Compressors is pleased to announce that Airworks’ has teamed up with Danny Thompson and Thompson LSR in an effort to fulfill his father’s, Mickey Thompson, dream of setting the piston driven land speed record and breaking his own record of 406.6 mph set in 1960 with the Challenger I.  He was an American legend and a household name amongst racing fanatics.

Darryl Weflen, President of Airworks Compressors Corp, first met Danny Thompson (land speed racer) and his team at a recent USFRA event, at the Bonneville Salt Flats, in July of 2014.  Airworks was able to provide Danny’s team running the Challenger II with much needed compressed air with Airworks newly patented Twister E60 (the world’s first electric DC powered screw air compressor) when Thompson’s team required air before their inaugural test run; their own air system failed to operate in the harsh remote environment while trying to pressure up the fuel system.  Realizing that an Airworks truck was parked in the pit area near them, the Thompson crew approached with a request to “borrow some air”.  After using the compressor for the entire event, along with others, the battery powered E60 performed flawlessly and did not require charging throughout the five day event on the salt and was quiet enough to hear the pit crews talking while performing their tasks.

Seeing the need for reliable air, the decision was made that Airworks would product sponsor the team with a Twister E60 of their own. This would ensure that the team would have the best air compressor unit available for the pit crew to use the compressed air jack systems on the Challenger II’s support trailer and the land speed racer itself, along with air tool use between runs.

In 1968, Mickey Thompson set out to push the land speed record up to 450 mph. First rain and then a family tragedy put the Challenger II dream of a record run to rest for 46 years. It is an honor for Airworks Compressors to be able to be a part of this recently renewed venture of Danny Thompson and his team to hold the title of land speed record holder.  We are looking forward to being a part of the record attempt in 2016!