Twister-lg-01Gas Powered Rotary Screw Compressor Unit




Over a decade of research, development, and rigorous testing in extreme environments, has enabled Airworks Compressors Corp to create a mobile or truck mounted Gas Powered compressors unparalleled in today’s market.

From its extensive applications, compact size, cost savings and high performance, our gas powered air compressors are designed to meet all of our customer needs.

Airworks is the industry leader in clean technology for service truck applications. Airworks Compressors Corp is your environmental advantage.

Patent # 2,646,999


From 17″/43.5cm (w) x 30″/76.5cm (l) x 21″/53.5cm (h)



From 195lbs


Air Output

Up to 60 cfm and up to 150 psi



Easy to use, eco-drive system

No belts to fail, smooth operation

Light weight, compact and powerful, quiet

Easy to transfer to next truck

Subaru OHC electric start engine

3 gallon fuel tank

Eco-drive rotary screw compressor

Up to 60 cfm 150 PSI output, 4 cycle

Low emissions, overhead cam engine

Quiet operation – 78dB

Electric start and adjustable demand features

Simple plug and play installation

14 amp charging system

Compressor warranty – 2 Years

Engine warranty – 1 Year


Optional Features

Mounting kit

40/80 amp charging system

4 Kw 120 Volt generator

Wheel package for portable applications

Air receiver tanks.

Air up to 60 cfm

Service Trucks




Lube Units

Stationary Units

Remote Locations

Back Up systems

Tire Industry


Living green is about choices. Choose to keep our environment green – and put more green in your pocket – by using a an G60 by ACME; our our mobile, gas powered, rotary screw compressor unit.

Lease from $240.00 / month